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2018 Complete

Happy New Year to you all, I hope there is much joy and happiness to come your way in 2019. After another fabulous year in #Sharemondays2018 entries I would just like to thank everyone who entered and helped make this little community so special.

The 2018 Gallery of winners is now complete and can be viewed here. For all the photographers with winning images, I hope you will be willing to contribute to the annual book which was such a wonderful collection last year and by looking at the gallery this year would be another spectacularly diverse volume of work that would be a treasure to have within a book.

I will be sending out info via Twitter DM's soon to each individual, to firstly check you are willing to be a part of it and then how to send your higher resolution images and info to me.

I do hope everyone will be excited and willing to be a part of what is a great collection of the sense of community that has kept Sharemondays going for two and a half years now and with an extra Monday in 2018 we have the unique opportunity to have a bumper collection of 53 images if everyone is willing to be a part of it. Finger crossed!

As always the book will be 100% profit free with exception of the publisher who will probably be Blurb again as it seems the easiest way to print each copy on demand. I will look at all the options again though and try and find the best compromise between size and cost.

So for now please enjoy looking round the winners galleries for both 2018 and 2017, it's always great to see such wonderful work grouped together within the spirt of the whole community of photographers that enjoy Sharemondays.

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