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Book Launch

The 2018 winners book is now available to purchase through Blurb. There are 2 styles, Hardcover Image Wrap (£29.19) and Softcover (£22.19) and I am honoured to say there are some very encouraging words in the Foreword by photographer Doug Chinnery who kindly agreed to contribute and take time out from his hectic schedule, especially with production of his own much anticipated book and exhibition"Abstract Mindfulness" in full swing (which should be available in May, you can preorder here).

I have tried my best to keep the price down without compromising in size etc. For now with the numbers that sell this still feels like the best way to sell the book and it is at cost price so please be assured there is not one penny of profit from this except obviously that made by Blurb.

I have also set up a PDF for sale at £2.99 found in the Hardcover link for those that want one to accompany the book.

There is an ebook version too, which will be distributed to all the contributing photographers for free.

Here are the links to buy the book and please share it with your friends and family to spread the wonderful work of these winning photographers.

Hardcover Image Wrap Edition

Softcover Version

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